Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Say hello to Snapchat's Memories, share an archive of snaps now

Snapchat Memories

If you have started using Snapchat as your default camera, you are not alone. Many users have started using the Snapchat app to save their daily adventures to their camera roll. However, there has been a long limitation in the app, users could not share images taken before with friends or post it to their stories. Well, some good news, Snapchat has just changed the game.

Yes, Snapchat just announced a new update to the platform in which users will be able to access their previous snaps and stories in one place called 'Memories.' The section will also allow users to access the camera roll images that have not yet been snapped and share them with friends as a snap or a story. Memories will feature previous snaps in rectangles and stories as a circle which can instantaneously be shared.

But wait for it, Snapchat has gone an extra step, and will allow you to edit, add filters and geo-filters. You do not have to be close to where you took the image, but you will able to use the geo-filter. Now, this is cool, but Snapchat had to make Memories a little more personal. Therefore, there is another section in Memories called "My Eyes Only," this will feature stories and snaps that you would rather keep private between you and certain individuals. It will have a passcode, and if you cannot remember the passcode Snapchat will not recover the images from the server.

Snapchat's My eyes only

Lastly, you will be able to search through your images though simple words, as the app has a built-in algorithm which recognizes several objects in images. You could say "beach" and find your beach day snaps.

This is truly a big step for Snapchat, as majority of social media companies are working towards making the 'Now' more important for users. But Snapchat is more focused in letting people share their past, and it completely makes sense as the app has dominated real-time sharing.

The update is rolling out to iOS and Android today and will be accessible by sliding up in the camera section.