Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokèmon Go will soon allow players to trade Pokèmon

Pokemon Go logo

If you have spent the past week obsessing over Pokèmon Go, you are not alone, my friends. The app has climbed to the top of the Play Store and App Store, becoming the hottest app right now for iOS and Android devices.

However, something that has been bothering thousands of trainers is not being able to trade their Pokèmon. Well, good news trainers! Pokèmon Go will soon let you trade. Developer Niantic's CEO John Hanke confirmed the news as he said to Business Insider that the app will soon let users trade. He mentioned how the user interaction is the "core" of the game, which could foreshadow more interactive features coming to the game. Maybe a more social aspect? Teams?

Hanke did not disclose any information about how the game will let users trade or what the experience would be like.