Saturday, July 2, 2016

'Pillo' a robot that will become your personal pharmacy

Robots, the single invention that has the potential to make our lives extremely easy and fast. They can be programmed to improve our lives in ways we cannot imagine yet, as it is such an early technology of which new uses are being introduced everyday.

But a recent development in the Robot world is 'Pillo,' a robot who turns itself into your personal pharmacy. Not only does Pillo take care of your pharmaceutical needs, it also takes care of the whole family's health. 

Pillo is an Indigogo crowd funded robot that is 13 inches tall and holds up to 250 medium sized pills in tamper-proof containers.

But how does it distribute the meds to the right person? Pillo uses a facial and voice recognition system in order to dispense the right meds and vitamins to each member of your family.

But gets even better. Pillo has the ability to keep track of everyones schedules and even send them notifications if they forget their meds, as everything is connected. It can also answer health related questions and order more pills for you if you are running low. How cool right? The creators agree, they call it “the home health hub of the future.” 

IMAGE: PILLO - Pillo on Apple Watch
Pillo is available for $250 for Indigogo early buyers, and the retail price is approximated to be $599 when it hits stores next year.

Here's a Video: