Thursday, July 7, 2016

Apple releases macOS Sierra public beta today

MacOS Sierra released
If you have been waiting impatiently for some macOS Sierra, it is time. The new public beta is finally available for users.

In order to install the beta software, you can head on to You can sign up with your Apple ID and get a redemption code to install. This beta was just released after Apple released the second developer preview of macOS Sierra.

Get ready for more goodness!

The new operating system is loaded with under-the-hood improvements, with extra features such as Siri, Apple Pay, Universal Clipboard, and Optimized Storage. I personally have found Siri very useful on the mac, as it is much easier to just simply ask Siri to set up a meeting or check up on the stock market. I'm sure many users will love having the still-learning assistant on their desktops.

However, of all the features that come loaded in Sierra, my personal favorite is Optimized Storage. The new feature allows you to free up your space by saving your files on to iCloud and also helps stop mail from downloading attachments you will never need. I was unsure about how good it really would be, but just to give you guys an idea. My storage went from 10 GB free to 42 GB free, pretty awesome huh? But similar to any beta software this one also comes with some bugs, I have encountered a couple apps that do not work with Sierra yet, this could just be simple optimization issues. I have also found couple bugs with animations, however as I mentioned earlier, this is all pretty mundane for a beta build.

If you are planning to install the beta, MAKE SURE you back up via Time Machine. As anything could happen with such an early build.

Lastly, if you are a Apple enthusiast there is no need to think about it, just install it and enjoy. The software has not presented me with any big-time issues, and hopefully you won't encounter any large bugs either. And you can trust Apple to follow tradition and release periodic updates to the beta release.