Monday, July 4, 2016

Google to introduce built-in casting features for Chrome

Cast button on Google Chrome
IMAGE: Chrome WebStore
If you have been frustrated over casting chrome, and process of installing a separate extension into your browser or by its buggy ways - you are not alone. Google has been testing out a built-in cast button for chrome to improve user experience since January.

If you are unfamiliar with Google's cast extension, it allows users to cast their entire browser on to a display connected to Google's Chromecast device. It can be used to cast YouTube videos, websites, and third-party videos (Such as hulu, HBO Now, Netflix, etc.).

The new feature allows users to cast content by simply going to the given website they'd like to cast and select 'tools' then press "cast." Google explains more on its support page here.
This update is said to be huge with Google Hangouts users as it will allow them to cast their tabs directly into conversations. It is also a step forward, in that it allows users to choose a specific tab to share with their friends rather than an entire screen share like before.

Google has confirmed that the casting feature will be brought to all users from just beta users in version 51 (current version), so we can hope for a quick update any day now. The Hangouts abilities will be released in version 52 of the browser, you can get more info about how it will work here.

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