Friday, July 1, 2016

5 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 predictions

If you were left wondering what is going to happen with Jon Snow and the fire inside him, you are not alone. I have personally read maybe 20-30 different predictions all over the internet. However, if you know the internet, you know it can be somewhat of a crazy house. Therefore, here is a look at the most legitimate predictions:

1. Ser Jaime Lannister will be known as a Queen Slayer
The last few minutes of the finale were Cersei being named Queen and taking her position on the Iron Throne, however we were also shown a disappointed and angry Jaimè. That look, it wasn't a good one, it entails Jaime's time to avenge his children from their sociopathic mother. A mother who Jaime deeply loves, but due to losing all his children cannot see her in the light he once did.
Another scene which elucidates Jaime's hatred towards himself for becoming this callous slave of Cersei is when Lord Frey compares himself to Jaime, claiming they are both 'Kingslayer's'. This definetly was a 'moment' for Jaime, and Tommen's death just confirmed his hatred towards himself and more so towards Cersei.

2. The Stark's will rise again and Sansa will rebel
Go Starks! That is probably what every fan was saying this past season, especially after that 'Battle of the Bastards'. But there is much drama to come to our beloved House. Firstly, Arya will return after getting through her hit list and the the drama we all know is long coming will began. Yes, Sansa will rebel, of course not alone as even with all the impressive things she has done in Season 6, she will be compelled by none other than Littlefinger.

Littlefinger is trying very hard to bring out the worst in Sansa, he wants her to be the one ruling the north. Obviously, he has his angle for wanting her as the reigning lord in the north - he wants the Iron Throne. Although Sansa is frustrated towards Jon for getting all the credit, it is hard to believe that she will go against her brother. But here is a little known secret, when George R.R. Martin initially wrote A song of Ice and Fire, Sansa was supposed to be the one who betrayed her family. So moral of the story, anything can happen, nobody is loyal on Game of Thrones, even with Jon who can tell what the fire within him will bring out.

3. Jon will finally realize the truth behind the ice and fire song

Jon Snow baby
Before the season finale began I legit may have spent an hour or two reading R + L = J theories, and honestly I am usually very speculative towards such theories. But this one, my god, all the checkmarks were marked. And then when Game of Thrones in its very dramatic style showed off the image of a black-eyed baby then changed the scene to Jon, I might have never been so excited. I have my reasons, because this could potentially change the story of the show and foreshadows maybe a relationship of some sort between Jon and Dany. Maybe they will team up to take back their rightful home. Moreover, there is a theory that Dany will attack Kingslanding on three dragons, who is gonna be on them? Well Dany is gonna be on her favorite Drogon (named after her Khal) and Jon is gonna be on Rhaegal (named after his father, Rhaegar Targaryen)

But how will Bran manage to tell Jon?

Bran takes his time to get around on the show, he took a great amount of time to make it past the wall. So him telling Jon anytime is unlikely, it will most probably happen towards the end of the season 7 or beginning of season 8. This will, as I explained, be a huge twist as it will entail an alliance with Dany. And with Tyrion along side Dany, he knows how to pick his cards.

4. The Night King is coming, and bye-bye wall

That's correct 'winter is here,' hopefully Jon Snow will use the fire inside him to destroy the white walkers, but only so much can be speculated over how they will face their demise. I personally see this happening somewhere in the end of Season 7 or early Season 8, anyhow it is coming.

The wall and its mystical energies will most probably come down as Bran is marked by the Night's King, and the second he crosses the wall to head back home - the wall will start to lose its mystical properties.

5. Dany is going to take care of Euron

Yep, as we were told in the finale Dany has a marriage proposal from uncle Euron Greyjoy. But as she has sided with Yara and Theon we don't see a marriage happening. Season 7 will probably be Dany fighting off Euron, which will delay her reaching Kingslanding.