Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Facebook is changing the world with new open-source cellular system


If you are able to log in everyday to social media or google something, you are very fortunate based on Facebook's ideology. The company has been working restlessly to bring the internet and all its tools to several third-world countries. What is Facebook's angle you may ask, truth be told it is a pure one. Zuckerberg has previously spoken about his ambitious plans with, not only to his engineers but to several students in a effort to instill the same perception Zuckerberg has into them.

The company just announced its new platform called OpenCellular, an open source "wireless access platform." Why? As Facebook has noticed a great deal of difficulty for people in third-world countries to access the internet is due to outrageous fees. This platform sets out to bring down the cost of having a cellular network installed in outage regions. This would definetly bring down the cost of production, however it will also substantially improve signal strength and rage. Additionally, the platform will offer everything from software to physical hardware to build the network.

The cellular network would be able to assist users from 2G to LTE networks, along with voice calls and WiFi. Facebook also informed the world that the device can be installed in all sorts of conditions as its build is made to survive harsh conditions of any kind.

This is truly revolutionary on Facebook's part. As being a social media giant and taking on an initiative outside its niche definetly shows why Zuckerberg has it all right. Shareholders agree, the Facebook stock shot up 2.3% today. This could just be the beginning for Facebook Inc. awaiting a massive empire in the future. I'm not just saying this because I'm a shareholder and love the green in my portfolio, history is evidence that Facebook does not give up.

Facebook wanted to grow access of internet worldwide, India banned the company from expanding the Free Basics program into the country earlier this year. Even Egypt followed with the same claim, however the company has continued its initiative in one form or another. This attitude could take the company places we can't even imagine, maybe the next Google? It is difficult to deny the idea of it, nobody would have guessed the company would face the success it has thus far.

Lastly, the company has been testing the OpenCellular system at headquarters with a release by the end of the summer.