Thursday, June 9, 2016

The App Store is changing and now has paid search ads and subscriptions

Monday begins Apple's largest developer conference of the year, WWDC 2016. This conference usually has software releases and developer meetings. However, this year Apple is not stopping at its usual operating systems. Apple is announcing something big, they are planning to release new-paid subscription and paid search ads.

Also, Apple has promised to reduce the amount of time it takes to review applications for OS X, iOS, tvOS, WatchOS.

The company has promised that it will be constantly be reviewing 50% of app submissions in 24 hours and 90% within a 48 hour frame. This will allow developers who update apps to do so efficiently. This will be a huge relief for several developers.

Another essential part of the conference is how developers who have long felt left out of the fun are going to finally be able to have a recurring income via subscriptions for apps. Subscriptions were previously restricted to music, movies, etc. this new opportunity from Apple now allows app developers from all categories to have a stabile revenue from their apps.

Also, the revenue share has been 70/30 between the developer and Apple respectively. Now, if users subscribe for more than a year the split is a 85/15. More power to the developers!
The last big change to the App Store is paid search ads within the store. This new feature Apple hopes will help to improve app discovery within the store, resolving several developer complaints regarding their apps not being found easily.

This is just a short summary of what I have heard regarding the App Store changes. Overall, these changes seem to lessen the App Store vulnerabilities.