Saturday, June 11, 2016

How Tesla just made the Model S more affordable and made the Model 3 less attractive

Are you a Tesla enthusiast? is it your dream car? Well Elon Musk has got news for you!

As I was waiting restlessly as many other people to see what Tesla would release next, I was definetly not expecting cheaper variants of the Model S.

Tesla announced two new models of its very successful Model S this past week. The main difference in pricing between the 60 and 60D comes from one having a real-wheel-drive and the other being an all-wheel drive, respectively. The price difference is not as massive as one would expect, but still there.


The 60 starts at $66,000 and the 60D at $71,000. The difference of $5K for an individual who is already willing to spend $66K anyways does not seem like much. However, again it depends on what the individuals needs are, like do they really need an AWD?

Now, the benefits of these new releases are that they are available right now. In comparison to the companies long awaited (affordable) Model 3, which has a minimum of an 18 month waitlist for buyers (If you booked day 1 that is). Another benefit is the new range of Model S's will have supercharge, whereas Model 3 as we already know will not.


Also, when I had visited the website after the release there is an option to update the car software from a 60 to 75 kilowatt-hour Tesla. Yes, the only difference between these new releases and old more expensive models is that they are limited by software not their engines. So if you ever feel the urge to spend maybe a couple thousand bucks and spoil yourself, you can!