Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Google Daydream allows anyone to create VR animation

Google Daydream VR
Always been a fan of virtual reality? Maybe you are a creator and have always wanted to develop content in VR, but just did not have the technical background for it. Well no worries! Google has you covered with its latest demonstration of Daydream.

That is correct, Google made some awesome show-off scene's for its fall debutant - Daydream. This platform powers VR in such a way that creators can simply work it without a technical background. So no need for all those hours of Lynda.com learning 3D animation software. With Daydream, users will be able to simply use their mouse and drag-drop objects to create VR animations. How cool right? Google agrees. In a official blog post by Rob Jagnow, Google VR engineer, he writes "Instead of animating with graph editors or icons representing location, people could simply reach out, grab a virtual toy, and carry it through the scene. These simple animations had a handmade charm that conveyed a surprising degree of emotion."

Google has been dropping teasers of Daydream all over the place. In a recent Daydream experiment it showed users how to animate figures/skeletons with joints, all done through the VR composition technique. Google has not released an official date on when or if these experiments are going to be released to public to play around with.

All that is confirmed is that the Android-based VR platform and Daydream VR controllers and headsets are coming this fall.

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