Sunday, June 26, 2016

'Game of Thrones' Season Finale was a blood bath

Yo, this article has spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 6.
 Alright fans, our minds have officially been blowed by Cersei Lannister. Yes, she is as evil and sociopathic as they come. I honestly don't know how to describe Cersei's psychological state, but this much is for sure, she is officially the Queen of Westeros.
I'll be dividing this article into the different regions of the show:

The north is now settled with Jon and Sansa back in control and the Stark sigil reinstated. During the episode Jon asked the Red witch to leave when he was informed by Ser Davos that she burned Stannis' daughter alive. Another development in the north was Littlefinger trying to persuade Sansa in to supporting his dream to sit on the Iron Throne by becoming his Queen, I know this is disgusting cause he had the hots for Catelyn Stark. Finally, things were left on a high note in the north as Jon was given support by the Houses in north as the rightful Stark to rule them, little do they know Jon is a Targaryen.

Shame....shame...shame. Cersei has successfully wiped out all of her enemies, even the seven god statues. We predicted this earlier when Bran had his first vision as the three eyed raven and saw the Mad King and the underground blasts taking place. However, something that nobody predicted was Tommen's death...this was quite the scene with the background sound muted and the random jump. Finally, things ended with Cersei as the Queen sitting on the Iron Throne.

Meereen/ Dragon's Bay
Dany is ready to head to Westeros, in this episode she said good bye to her lover, named Tyrion as the 'Hand of the Queen' and sailed through the narrow sea back home to take back her birth right. There was not as much of Dany as we all would have wanted in Finale, however the ending of the episode was EPIC! as the Targaryen sigil was on hundreds of ships along side the iron island sigils.

House Frey and Lannister have beaten the blackfish and are celebrating, until Jaime shows Lord Frey who's boss and how without his army they would be useless. However, the highlight in the Riverlands was when Arya Stark avenged her mother and brother, slitting Lord Frey's throat without any regret.

Overall, the season finale had everything we would have expected, however I was disappointed that Rheagar and the Mad King were not shown in Bran's flashback. But it will most probably be in the season 7 premiere along with Jaime and Cersei's issues.

Now, to waiting until April 2017, till then satisfy your hunger with fan theories and artwork!

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