Sunday, June 5, 2016

Why Game of Thrones Episode 7 Season 6: 'The Broken Man' was full of surprises!

FYI: This post contains major spoilers from Game of Thrones, Season 6, episode 7. 

To start off this weeks Game of Thrones quick episode review I will begin by going back to the predictions made last time. CLICK HERE TO GO TO LAST WEEKS POST.

It has been exactly a week since I wrote down my predictions for this episode or the future of the season in general. When I sat down to see what has come true from the predictions I made last week, I found this:

1. The Iron Born are going to Meereen to meet our Khaleesi, as was predicted.

2. Arya's future seems bleak but looks like she might just survive and join the wolf pack back in Westros.

Now, to get down to business. This episode of Game of Thrones was unusual, as it seemed to introduce new and old friends back into the story - quite unconventional. Few of the surprises we received were:

1. The return of the Hound, yes that is right Sandor Clegane is back. This time he is a changed man, maybe due to how he had suffered from Lady Brienne's wrath last season. Now he is chopping wood and planting trees, rather than slaughtering men. I'm sure his return was a big shock to all the fans. But the question is, why has he returned? It could be that he has returned in order to redeem himself for his sins while he was King Joffrey's Henchman.

I feel he will have an essential role in helping the Starks take back the north.
2. There is a new Lady and she is ready to battle!

Yes, I am talking about Lady Lyanna, the Head to House Mormont. She was introduced as a strong headed young lady who hopes to keep her people safe in Bear Island. However, when Jon, Sansa, and Ser Davos called upon her for assistance in helping to take the north back she was not easy to convince. I suspect that they have portrayed her character as a strong and intelligent young girl as she will have an essential role when it will come to supporting Sansa. I find a new friendship in the near future between these to powerful female characters.
3. Margery is planning something big to take back control of Kings Landing. And is she planning to cut Tommen out of the story?

It was quite obvious from this weeks episode that Margery is clearly a cleaver Tyrell. She knows how to keep her enemies close and learn their weaknesses. I feel that she is ready to take back Kings Landing with or without the support of her husband Tommen (Would explain why she is distant from him).

4. Cersei is losing patience and it might not be long before she makes a move.

That is all I have got for this week, this episode in comparison to the last did not have many spoilers or juice in general. We can only hope that episode 8 will not disappoint and will be action packed (Check out the promo here)