Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Facebook tweaks the News Feed to prioritize Friends and Family over Publishers.

Facebook Newsfeed algorithm update.

I am pretty sure that many of us have been scrolling through our News Feed on Facebook trying to find a pic that our friend liked and is obsessing over, but we have to end up going through hundreds of posts from Publishers. Okay, that might be some exaggerated number but there are still a lot of posts from publishers that are getting in our way of connecting with our friends and family.

Well, Facebook is about to change this. Facebook is tweaking the News Feed to show the posts from friends and family on top, prioritizing those posts over posts from publishers. Now I myself, enjoy posts from publishers such as The Verge and Mashable, but sometimes I just felt like along the way, Facebook was losing its initial purpose of connecting ‘people’, with the News Feed becoming so saturated with the posts from publishers, involving those promoted and suggested posts. But I feel like this is a step in the right direction – prioritizing people over publishers.

On the other side of the wall, this might create a problem for publisher, especially for small publishers. Many publishers depend on social media to attract viewers and get page views. But due to this change in the News Feed, people are less likely to come across a post from a publisher since they will need to spend more time on Facebook and go through all of the posts from friends and family first. The situation isn’t all that bad either. It simply just means that publishers will have to publish stuff that people are more likely to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’, so that their friends can view it and in turn like it or share it again.

Only time will tell if this change to the News Feed will be a major hit for the publishers. If I were to present my opinion on this, I would say that Facebook should let the user decide if they want to see posts from the publishers first, or from friends and family. Some might like to view the tech news and local news first based on their interest. After all, there’s always two kinds of people in this world, right?