Friday, May 27, 2016

Why you should watch X-Men: Apocalypse - Movie Review

As it finally released in the U.S. I made my way to the theaters to watch X-Men Apocalypse! The movie was very interesting as a long time X-Men fan. Mainly, as it consisted of every inch of story line that could have been added (felt like good old X-Men Evolution).

I personally expected the movie to be like every other, full of action and an okay story line. However, this movie did not fail to surprise, excite, or make me laugh. It was exhilarating throughout. Sure, there were several scenes in which I had wished they added more, however I felt that the movie had so much overall story quantity that detail was not as necessary. And as a fanatic, I am hoping that the way the movie ended it foreshadows a future approach which is similar to the X-Men Evolution cartoon. With tons of mutants and several Cyclops-Jean moments. Not gonna lie, I was hoping for some romance between Scott Summers and Jean Grey....But hey gotta leave some good stuff for the next movie. But they did not forget about Jean's other lover, Wolverine, he was there for a short 5 minute blood bath which was completely worth it!

The movie also consisted of a fair amount of destruction and death, the worst being Havok's death (Poor Scott). Also, another twist saved for the next movie seems to be Eric a.k.a Magneto and his son Pietro a.k.a Quicksilver's relationship. Will it be one filled with fatherly love or of hatred???? Cause lets be honest they can't keep portraying Magneto as a mentally disturbed good guy forever. It will definitely be interesting to see where the plot goes with this. Nonetheless, another part of the movie which left me thinking is Scarlet Witch! Why was she not given a larger role in the movie? Is there a twist awaiting fans in the next movie? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Overall, the movie is jam packed with thrilling scenes and is family friendly, totally worth the time and money. The action was not the only good part of the movie, but the story was a tremendous strength. Sure, the critics did not like it, but for everyday fans like you and me - IT IS GREAT. And if you are an X-Men and Marvel fan as I am, don't forget to wait until the credits are done for a nice spoiler! ;)

P.S. My favorite part is when Jean (Our favorite Sansa Stark) finally unleashes her power and her phoenix wings emerge. As this is foreshadowing a dark phoenix in the near future.