Monday, May 30, 2016

How to study efficiently and get loads of work done | Study Tips |

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend! For this weeks first video I went over couple tips on how to improve study habits and make your grades go up.

As we all know in college or in high school it does not take too much time before everything starts becoming overwhelming and grades start dropping. How can you fix that? change the way you approach things. Sure, studying from slides or reading the textbook is a great way to learn the content. However, in todays world education is starting to focus on application rather than straight memorization. It is all about applying the knowledge you acquire, and the only way to become an expert at this is by being able to paraphrase everything you have learned in lecture or lab by taking notes or drawing diagrams.

It is a battle between active and passive learning, I tried both and active learning has helped me a lot as it can make your mind learn in way which is more suitable to you. As you are paraphrasing and drawing things that you can understand and easily grasp. Especially during an exam you can quickly read the content and review it, rather than having to go back to your text book and read those long and painful pages.

Another very common issue that I have personally faced is not being on a well made schedule, and now in order to fix that I plan down to every single hour for my weekdays. This has enabled me to be so much more productive...IT IS SHOCKING!

I talk about these and a couple other tips on how to get productive and efficient with studying in my video for this week: Tips on how to maximize study time efficiency and get loads done

Check it out below!