Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why Season 6, Episode 6 of 'Game Of Thrones': Blood Of My Blood was filled with spoilers

As you guys have all probably gone through the most important part of your week, Sunday night with Game of Thrones of course. You probably found several things that were left unfinished and foreshadowed an interesting future.

1. Bran's dreams and was that the Mad King we saw????

During the episode Bran had several flashes from the history he had acquired to become the three eyed raven. I understand that it could be chance that he saw the mad king, as it was a huge historical moment in the seven kingdoms. However, I feel there is more to it, and I feel it is something like Bran's Hodor case from episode 5. Maybe Bran was a part of the historical event. So did Bran cause the mad king to go mad?

2. Arya's fate, is she going to survive and join forces with some old friends?

I am very curious to see what will be Arya's fate after betraying the Black and White house as there is no chance that she will become the "Girl who has no name" again. I want to believe that she will beat this and survive (probably will, c'mon...) but the question is....will she be joining forces will some old comrades? If she were to join forces with maybe her siblings, Lady Sansa and the ex-Lord Commander; helping to take back Winterfell and save her brother from Ramsay Bolton's evil sociopathic reign perhaps?

3. Is our Khaleesi finally going to join forces with the Iron Born? Or is she planning on doing something even bigger

The mother of dragons is now united with her favorite child Drogon, yes he found his mother and has now further shown the Dothraki how powerful their new leader is. As we all saw when she gave a speech to her army similar to how her husband Khal Drogo did in season 1. However, now our Khaleesi needs 1000 ships and where will she get them? Perhaps from the Greyjoy's? Who escaped their uncle with a fleet. If this were to happen it would add a lot of support to her mission and she will finally be gaining recognition as the rightful ruler by a proper house. The introduction of this support/backing can be huge to her cause. I mean, if she maybe returned to Meereen and Tyrion came up with something even more cleaver, things would start to get a lot more spicier.

4. Bran's dream foreshadows the future and a new queen is coming?

During Bran's dream he sees a Dragon flying over Kings Landing, could this be our Khaleesi's return to Kings Landing as the queen? Or is the three eyed raven telling Bran how the white walkers could be stopped, is the key the Dragons? Much can be speculated over this recycled image.

5. Is Kings landing going to be history?

Bran's vision also has imagery from the chemical inventory below Kings Landing, and as many fans already know the Mad King was obsessed with the power of chemicals. So could this green blow up be foreshadowing the end of Kings Landing and the "cleansing" of all its sinners.

Also -- can we all agree that Margery is Cersei's ideal protège and will grow to be an evil queen if the Lannister House is still in power that is...

Can't wait to see what happens next Sunday!